To Swish or Not To Swish?

Please do ENLIGHT us oh WIKIPEDIA!! :-)

Swishing refers to swapping an item (or items) of clothing, shoes or an accessory with friends or acquaintances.
Parties must willingly give an item to participate in the transaction, once they have given an item they are free to choose something of interest from what others have offered.
Swappers do not necessarily get an item of equal value and are free to choose anything that the other person if offering (without having to pay!!!!).

“The latest craze sweeping the country is ethical, eco-fabulous, social and fun.
Welcome to the future of fashion." Jess Cartner-Morley, Marie Claire Magazine

Swishing began in 2000 in London when Lucy Shea, founder of green PR firm Futerra and her work colleagues wanted to come up with a way to combine a love of retail shopping without contributing to increased consumption.

“Save money, save the planet, have a party: swishing effortlessly touches all of these buttons.
Swishing parties are for all those women who want to combine glamour, environmental protection and frugality."

So you made ​​a wrong purchase?
This is the perfect way to get rid of it!! ;)

Brussels en Ghent are the places to be in September and November!

Rainy Day People

So sick of this summer here in Belgium!
Rain, rain, rain ,rain… 
Most of all I hate the fact my mood is affected by the weather.

So, let's perk ourselves up!
Take a look at some "happy-summer-rain-outfits"...

Feeling cheerful yet?

The Game is ON!

Take a peek at the first "Me & Hazel & Mae" Photo Contest on our Facebook Page!

Everyone who bought something from the Hazel & Mae webshop can participate!

Post a picture of you with your Hazel & Mae purchase and collect "LIKES" ...
The winner will receive a voucher for € 12.50 of Hazel & Mae!

The contest runs until 15/09/2011!

Good Luck Y'all! :)

Are you a lazy blogger?

Oh my... I cannot believe this one... HOW LAZY CAN ONE GET?

"Comfy clothes, TV remote in one hand and something yummy to eat.
That’s what perfect Sundays are about."
 (Mmm... not EVERY Sunday I presume?)
These trousers mean you can survive for hours on the sofa without having to move an inch.
The removal material on the front allows you to eat on your knees and you can even keep your remote control ready to hand in the designated side pocket.

Interested? You can order one @ mitemite...

In the meanwhile...
I prefer listening to one of my favorite Deep Purple songs...
it's called: LAZY


It all starts to run smoothly with my Hazel & Mae webshop!
THANK YOU ALL for that!

So far there are already many satisfied customers...
and I intend to keep it that way!!

I've noticed that a handful of customers live in the surrounding communities... and they keep asking the same thing... if they can try and fit some of the clothes they like!

So I needed a plan! And FAST! :)
No boxes with clothes anymore...
I needed some special "Hazel & Mae space"...

How about refurbishing my own dressroom?
I created a separate place for my stuff and the Hazel & Mae stuff!

Curious to see how it looks like?

Summer Type Persons & Colors

How about some "tips & tricks" every now and then?
It's August...
so let's explain something about the Summer Type Persons & Colors!

slightly pale, but comparing to spring types, summer types have colder and more ashy, not golden or warm undertones.
ashy blond, light brown to dark brown hair color. Often reddish tones come out on sun, which is typical for Europeans (the same as blue color comes out in Asian hair).
gray-blue, bright blue, gray-petroleum, blue-green, hazelnut brown. White of the eye is often milky and whitish, and not in strong contrast with iris.

Colors for summer type
Summer type person should never wear
DO NOT WEAR salmon color, peach or apricot colors, tomato red or carrot orange colors!

All color tones summer types should wear are gently mixed with green, slightly dusty or wiped pink or pale blue color.
* vivid pink (in some cases darker, in other brighter, depending whether summer type person has pale or more intense skin color)
* raspberry red            * watermelon red
* wine red                   * vague blue
* jeans blue                 * turquoise tones
* very gentle yellow of lemon (otherwise yellow is not recommendable)

Ideal colors for summer type person are:
* white with cold pink tones
* soft gray tones
Among darker colors, summer type should wear washed out navy blue and brown with pink or gray contrasts.
Their skin is gently bright with milky pale tones.
Comparing to spring type, summer type's skin looks rosy and healthier.

Basic color: dark blue
Washed out blue (never strong and vivid!) is perfect basic color for summer type person.
Choose among jeans blue, washed out blue, navy blue and plum blue with reddish tones.
These blue colors look good in following combinations:
* bluish summer red        * bluish green
* green                           * white
* gray                             * bright pink
* brown                          * jeans blue
* vanilla yellow                * bright blue
* lily

Basic color: brown
Summer types look beautiful in brown- not in warm brown colors as autumn and spring types do, but in greenish brown or in brown with reddish and blue tones.
If you decide for brown colors, combine them with brighter tones, because brown may often look boring. Best combinations for brown are:

* jeans blue
* blue with bright green and white
* dark and bright emerald color
* gray with white and saturated red
* mole's color and pink
* lily and pinkish red
* yellow and violet

Basic color: pale violet
Soft and pale violet colors can be basic color of summer type.
If you think this color is too gentle for coats, suits or dresses, choose at least one piece of clothing in this color. Of course, do not forget, pale violet needs one or two colors to combine with.
Here are few suggestions:
* lavender
* dark blue with vivid pink
* summer red with dark brown
* brown with bright brown and dark blue
* middle brown with wool white
* silver gray with yellow and jeans blue
* dark and bright emerald color with dull blue

We all ♥ BARGAINS!

Oh yes we do LOVE them!
I think it's in our female genes not being able to resist that one bargain! That's a nice excuse, don't you think? ;)

For example,
could I resist that beautiful dress that would've cost me € 69.90 a few weeks ago, and now on sale for € 10.00?!
It was SO difficult and "heart-piercing" to choose between the black dress with the white birds or the white dress with the black birds...
What the heck... "I'll take them both!"

And what about them shoes?
How can we help it if we get hypnotized by that one pair of shoes that seem to be awaiting us with a smile!?
And what if it's not one pair but two... or three... okay maybe four!?

So why would I deny you girls a few bargains?
It seems only fair that Hazel & Mae also creates a corner full of bargains... don't you think?

So check out our "BARGAINS" page!
It'll be frequently updated! So keep your eye on our sales!

Thanks for shopping at HAZEL & MAE!