To Swish or Not To Swish?

Please do ENLIGHT us oh WIKIPEDIA!! :-)

Swishing refers to swapping an item (or items) of clothing, shoes or an accessory with friends or acquaintances.
Parties must willingly give an item to participate in the transaction, once they have given an item they are free to choose something of interest from what others have offered.
Swappers do not necessarily get an item of equal value and are free to choose anything that the other person if offering (without having to pay!!!!).

“The latest craze sweeping the country is ethical, eco-fabulous, social and fun.
Welcome to the future of fashion." Jess Cartner-Morley, Marie Claire Magazine

Swishing began in 2000 in London when Lucy Shea, founder of green PR firm Futerra and her work colleagues wanted to come up with a way to combine a love of retail shopping without contributing to increased consumption.

“Save money, save the planet, have a party: swishing effortlessly touches all of these buttons.
Swishing parties are for all those women who want to combine glamour, environmental protection and frugality."

So you made ​​a wrong purchase?
This is the perfect way to get rid of it!! ;)

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