We all ♥ BARGAINS!

Oh yes we do LOVE them!
I think it's in our female genes not being able to resist that one bargain! That's a nice excuse, don't you think? ;)

For example,
could I resist that beautiful dress that would've cost me € 69.90 a few weeks ago, and now on sale for € 10.00?!
It was SO difficult and "heart-piercing" to choose between the black dress with the white birds or the white dress with the black birds...
What the heck... "I'll take them both!"

And what about them shoes?
How can we help it if we get hypnotized by that one pair of shoes that seem to be awaiting us with a smile!?
And what if it's not one pair but two... or three... okay maybe four!?

So why would I deny you girls a few bargains?
It seems only fair that Hazel & Mae also creates a corner full of bargains... don't you think?

So check out our "BARGAINS" page!
It'll be frequently updated! So keep your eye on our sales!

Thanks for shopping at HAZEL & MAE!

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